Web Content Publishing For News

Active ContentManager is a content management system which may be added to a new or existing iNEWS/Unity for News installation to enable seamless web publication.

Active ContentManager is a “shrink wrapped” content management system which is ideal as an add-on for our Big Picture Unity for News solution. Text, Video, Graphic and Audio are all exported from the NRCS tool in the Unity NewsCutter and made available to Active ContentManager.

The Active ContentManager publication process publishes the completed story following the structure of pre-defined templates within the system. This allows the same content to take on different forms dependant upon its publication channel.

Under the surface of this off-the-shelf application there is a full content management system which can, if required, be customized and enhanced into a full enterprise application and which can also integrate with existing Digital Asset Management and Content Management solutions through Active ContentManager’s open API’s and an optional SDK (Software Development Kit).
This solution consists of the following:

1) Avid ProEncode server.
2) Avid Active Content Manager server.
3) Telestream Flip Factory.