2D-3D Graphics and Virtual Studio

The ever more sophisticated newsroom software and systems, designed to expedite the broadcast of the latest news, and the evermore complex branding scenarios, designed to distinguish a channel from the ever increasing competition, demand the unique power of Brainstorm Newsroom graphics suite. Brainstorm Newsroom graphics suite synergizes the industries fastest and most powerful on-air graphics system with the cutting edge versatile open integration tools that set Brainstorm apart.

Brainstorm News solution seamlessly connects the journalists in the newsroom with the Gallery, Newsroom system, creative department. Brainstorm powerful newsroom suite enables the easy creation of sophisticated News templates, intelligent deployment of templates on central storage, allowing specialized and authorized access of newsroom personnel to their pertinent content, introducing content into the templates, creating rundowns, etc. Hierarchical controls such as authorization schemes by, e.g., editor-in-chief are integrated into the workflow of Brainstorm and may be customized and modified easily according to each customer’s workflow. A high level of Redundancy and expandability are built into the system. Customized integration with existing industry standard automation, scheduling, etc ensures a perfect match between customer requirements and implemented workflow.

This solution consists of the following:
1) Main server and central storage.
2) Real Time render farm.
3) News Rundown system: On-Air 2D-3D Graphics engine for preview, playout.
4) On-Air 2D-3D Graphics engine for preparation