After-Sales Support

OmniSystems’ technical team can provide professional & consistent technical support like:

–          Installing, Configuring & Maintaining Computer & Network Systems

–          Troubleshooting System & Network Problems

–          Diagnosing & Solving Hardware/Software Problems

–          Replacing Parts as required

–          Migrating Software

–          Upgrading existing Hardware Configurations

–          Optimizing Performance of Hardware & Software

OmniSystems’ local support contract gives the customer direct support from our technical team during normal business hours, which is 08:00 AM until 05:00 PM. This support includes 25 telephone calls and 10 visits of one hour each for a standard contract. Software upgrades are not covered by this type contract and will be subject to the standard Vendor maintenance agreement. The number of calls and visits can be increased along with a price increase depending on the customer’s products and work activity.
Customers covered by a support contract are requested to log a call to OmniSystems in one of 4 methods:
·                                       Through a telephone call to OmniSystems at 01-970283 during working hours (8:00 AM to 5:00 PM)
·                                       Through a fax to OmniSystems at 01-970283 ext 11
·                                       Through an email sent to
·                                       Through OmniSystems’ web page at by following the instructions of the help Desk section.
Customers can purchase a direct support contract with the original Product Vendor, such as Avid, Oracle, Symantec and IBM. This contract allows the end user to have a direct contact with the supplier to have his problem solved through a telephone call or an email. Customers have also the option to let OmniSystems handle this task and be a mediator with the supplier. Those support contracts have categories depending on the customer’s nature of work and how much down time he can afford. The price of this contract is higher for a wider coverage period.
Professional services offered by OmniSystems include software installation and setup, operating system installation and configuration, customer training on new products purchased, as well as troubleshooting problems. Proof of Concept can be arranged for all customers if required. 

The information requested to log a call are as follows:

  • Company name
  • User name
  • Telephone contact
  • Date and time
  • Product/machine name
  • Problem description

 In addition, it is a standard policy of OmniSystems to keep a stock of recommended spare parts for every hardware component it sells, including memory modules, power supplies, hard disks, disk backplanes…

In case of a failure of a part not available in stock, our suppliers will ship the needed replacement part after problem diagnostics completion. Response times for delivery differ depending on contract type and failure type and should not exceed 3 days.
It should be noted that all spare parts are new and not refurbished. Spare parts are replaced free of charge when a product is covered by a support contract, excluding shipping and handling charges.