Our dedicated team of pre-sales consultants and professional services experts works on providing end-to-end solutions that address specialized customers’ needs. They have the skills and expertise to tackle the most complex business problems and to implement fine-tuned solutions with high level of reliability, availability and scalability. They remain on the leading edge of technology through their continual technical education and permanent exposure with our suppliers’ specialists.

Our technical department is specialized in handling basic as well as complex technical implementation and support tasks whilst ensuring customer satisfaction is attained. Our technical team has experience and proven skills in the following fields:

–          Database Administration

–          Hardware Installation & Troubleshooting

–          Software Installation & Configuration & Troubleshooting

–          Consultancy related to Interactive Solution Configuration, Business Decisions & Technologies

–          Technical, Business & GAP Analysis

–          Technical Maintenance

–          Backup & Security Procedures

–          Time Planning & Risk Management

–          Providing Training

–          Project Management