Enterprise Content Management

Enterprise content management


Solution Overview

IBM® FileNet® P8 offers enterprise-level scalability and flexibility to handle the most demanding content challenges, the most complex business processes, and integration to all your existing systems.
FileNet P8 is a reliable, scalable, and highly available enterprise platform that enables you to capture, store, manage, secure, and process information to increase operational efficiency and lower total cost of ownership. FileNet P8 enables you to streamline and automate business processes, access and manage all forms of content, and automate records management to help meet compliance needs.
All these items are addressed through IBM’s Enterprise Content Management (ECM).

This ECM project includes the following components:
• Enterprise Content Management (ECM) captures, stores, and manages all types of electronic content, including office documents, digital images, audio files, CAD, email, reports, and more from disparate systems with cross organizational boundaries.
• Business Process Management (BPM) creates, modifies, manages, analyzes, and simulates business processes performed by applications, enterprise users, and external users.
• Document Rendition: The FileNet Rendition Engine provides you with document conversion to a variety of different formats, such as those produced by Microsoft® Office (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) to PDF and HTML formats for publishing purposes. You can configure Multiple Rendition Engines to support large numbers of conversion requests.
•  eForms allows you to create and manage online forms in a web browser that appear the same as paper forms but are more advanced, easier to use, and are less costly to implement.
IBM FileNet P8 Platform Overview
Core Capabilities
The IBM® FileNet® P8 Platform leverages the best from FileNet’s Enterprise Content Management, and Business Process Management offerings to provide unparalleled scalability and flexibility.
The customer  can leverage the P8 platform approach, select functionality to meet specific business and technology needs, and allow for future expansion and functionality enhancements as needs arise. The following chart shows the functional extensibility offered through this unique platform approach.


Enterprise Content Management
Content Management comprises all aspects of content and document management, including:
–  Capturing all types of digital content, such as office documents, scanned images, e-mail and attachments, reports, CAD, audio, video, and business objects
–  Storage and management of all types of disparate information from disconnected and stove piped systems (meaning content can be stored, indexed, and maintained for the lifecycle of that information)
Access to managed content is tightly secured but easy-to-locate, retrieve, share, act on, and collaborate with team members, partners, suppliers, and customers.

Business Process Management
Activating newly-acquired content within the business process provides a tremendous value to any organization. Using IBM FileNet Business Process Management, you can automate the seemingly endless chain of serialized, manual, repetitive, and time-consuming tasks that slow down your operation, cost you money, and impede progress. When you automate content routing with pre-defined rules and service standards, you can gain significant productivity improvements, increase quality, and improve timeliness and consistency within the business processes.
Business Process Management allows **CUSTOMER** to define, manage, and modify rules that leverage content and documents based on type, source, content, any other characteristics, or even events that automatically trigger actions within the business process. For example, you can automate these types of processes:
–  AP/AR and Invoice processing
–  Forms Processing (Leave Requests, Benefits, etc.)
–  SOX Compliance – Server and Change Logs
–  Forms Processing (Security Request, etc.)
–  Contracts Management and Administration
–  Case Management
–  Litigation Support
–  Incident Tracking and Investigation
–  Claims Processing/Medical Records
–  Asset Management/Maintenance Tracking
What if you could simulate events or changes in your business processes prior to deployment? With IBM FileNet, you can. Using this unique capability, you can determine the process effectiveness in advance, before production, to ensure deployment of the best and optimal process to deliver maximum value and mitigate risks associated with deploying “untested” processes. In other words, you can bring a more proactive approach to managing the business. In addition, you can continually analyze and optimize business processes for peak performance.
The consistency and control delivered through IBM FileNet Business Process Management provides the customer with greater predictability and gives its management increased visibility into the activities that impact the operations.

User Access
Workplace™ is a universal, out-of-the-box, IBM FileNet P8 platform end-user web application that provides all users with enterprise content management (ECM) functionality. It also provides tools such as Process Designer and the Entry Template Wizard, so that business application designers can access the document management and business process management features of FileNet P8.
The My Workplace page provides a portal view to several Workplace pages at one time and can include a portlet for external web sites such as your corporate web site. The My Workplace portal displays multiple Workplace tools on a single page, offering better overall view than the standard Workplace pages, which displays one page at a time. Using My Workplace portal, you can quickly:
–  View items in your Inbox
–  Browse an object store
–  Review search results,  list of your launched workflows, list of work items in a specific work queue
–  See the Author tools all at the same time
You can use Workplace as is, a customized tool to meet business user needs, or a sample for custom application creation. Workplace provides you users with:
–  Document Management – Perform a full range of document management tasks, such as adding, retrieving, updating, versioning, and deleting documents
–  Business Process Management – Accomplish a full range of business process management tasks
–  Application Development – Use as a development base for building processes and customization for added functionality
In addition to the standard Workplace interface, Workplace XT, an enhanced web-based interface, provides key benefits and improved ease-of-use.

Workplace XT provides: 
–  Intra-Application Drag and Drop to allow document and folder drag-and-drop from within Workplace XT to file or move documents and folders
–  Inter-Application Drag and Drop that allows users to drag one or more documents from the local Windows Explorer and add them to Workplace XT by dropping them directly in an object store or folder.
–  Search Template and Stored Search improvements that are enabled within the Workplace XT framework.  These include: 
–  File Tracker allows users to track documents on their local workstation after check-out. Additional site preference options for File Tracker are now available for New, Save and Open. 
–  Workplace XT is Records Management certified and can be used to visually distinguish documents that are declared as records.
–  Workplace and Workplace XT documentation is combined to improve context-based online help usage.  
–  Workplace XT login, browse and search employ Bi-directional Language Support user interface mirroring. 
–  eForms Enhancement Support includes a new ‘Date Time’ feature that extends the current Date format to also support Time. This allows eForms to present a “moment in time” and map the value to both the standard XML date-time data format as well as to the combined date-time P8 data type.
–  The bi-directional mapping of column values provides the ability for two-way mapping between the form table column values and workflow multi-value arrays.